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Student Loan Calculator

Brendan Harkness

Brendan Harkness

Updated Aug 15, 2017

Student Loan Repayment Calculator

  • Please enter a valid number for all fields.

    • Total Loan Repayment
    • Number of Payments
    • Monthly Principal & Interest
    • Monthly Interest Paid
    • Total Interest Paid

    How to Use the Calculator

    Our student loan calculator shows you a breakdown of:

    • Monthly interest: The total amount you’ll be paying on interest each month.
    • Monthly principal and interest: The total amount you’ll be paying each month, including the principal AND the interest.
    • Total interest paid over the course of the loan: The total amount you’ll be paying on interest over the course of the loan.
    • Total loan repayment: The total amount you’ll be paying on the loan.

    All you need to do is enter the values specific to your loan in the fields below and hit calculate.

    It is assumed that the interest rate will remain the same over the course of the loan AND that the loan will be repaid in equal monthly installments.

    This calculator doesn’t factor for inflation.

    Understanding Your Student Loans

    Student loans can be stressful.

    We know from first-hand experience…

    Figuring out how much you will be paying and how long you will be paying your loan is crucial to do before you decide to go to college.

    We built this calculator to help you make an informed decision about your loans so you can minimize the stress that millions of Millenials are currently going through.

    Learn about Student Loans

    If you have any questions about student loans, you can refer to these posts:

    And if these posts don’t answer your questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

    You can also check out our extensive resources on student credit cards here.

    Alternative Calculators

    If you are looking to figure out alternative repayment plans, such as income-based repayment or graduated repayment check out these calculators instead:

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